6 Week Challenge

Details about the 6 Week Challenge

6 Week Challenge


The 6 Week Challenge is designed for you if you’re looking to lose fat, tone,and clean your eating habits. Ultimately, you will be working towards becoming the best version of yourself!

The First TimeChallenger option includes:

Meal Plan

The meal plan includes daily guidelines to which I expect you to include as much detail as possible. The food plan for the week is due on the Tuesday of each week. This means you will be planning what you will be eating one week ahead of time (your challenge starts on a Monday, you should really prepare on the weekend, but if you don’t get to it, you have until Tuesday to send it to me for review). 

Customized Workout Plan

Theworkout plan is made accordingly with your personal goals and currentfitness level. It also depends on the equipment you have availableand whether you’d prefer a gym workout or a home workout plan. Thiswill be discussed in the phone call described below. Allyou need to do is submit your workouts when you do them!

Measurements and progress

Youare able to track your progress through your account. Themeasurements and progress pictures are due on the Tuesday of eachweek (Yourchallenge starts on a Monday, you should really do the measurementson the weekend, but if you don’t get to it you have until Tuesdayto track it for most accuracy and consistency). You can submit asoften as you’d like and this will become your new tracking log. Youwill need a measuring tape and a scale. Pleasenote: Your private information is completely confidential and willnot be shared without consent.

Accountability, follow-ups, motivation

Throughout the challenge we will be in continuous contact. I will be available to answer any questions and follow your journey along the way. This will ensure accountability and keep you motivation through the 6 weeks. There is also an optional group chat that will be available for everyone to share experiences, recipes, and more!

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